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Cybersecurity on EV Chargers

Cybersecurity on EV Chargers

In this modern day and age, Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects in our day to day lives. It can effect anywhere from normal citizens to nation states.  In practice, Cybersecurity is the field of monitoring, detection and protecting a wide range of critical infrastructure from both internal and external digital threats. The infrastructure encompasses information, networks, facilities i.e. both physical and digital. US Government as a matter of Homeland Security has prioritized in some of these key areas,

  • Ransomware
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Election Security
  • Cybersecurity and Transportation
  • International Cybersecurity


Its no wonder that, Cybersecurity costs hundreds of millions of dollars of loss to American economy annually. As an example, as normal data breach costs an average of 8.6million in United States. These costs include the costs of detecting the breach and responding to them, as well as the consequential loss of damage and loss to the brand and business reputation because of the security incident.

So what has Cybersecurity got to do with EV Charging Infrastructure.  As the number of EV’s are set to increase in US, so will the need to increase the charging infrastructure, i.e. in other words, the Chargers. These chargers are connected to our electric grid. And hence, US Government considers the EV Chargers to be a potential vulnerable point, where Cyber security attacks can happen. 

Currently, there is no standard for security of the Chargers, although there are standards like UL 2594 and OCPP 2.0.1 which try to standardize the design and communication aspects of a networked EV Charger or EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). In this context, it falls on Manufacturers of EVSEs, as well as all the players in EV Ecosystem that they develop secure means and methods, which can prevent Cybersecure attacks through EV Chargers.

More information about the working groups, guidance and research work on EVSE Cybersecurity can be found here:


And of course, you can always talk to us about how we are doing our part in ensuring that you are able to charge your EV safely, and securely.

Increasing EV Adoption, One Cybersecure Charger at a time. 

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